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Forming biofilms from preformed aggregates [link]

Medical News Today; Human Frontier Science Programme; mBio commentary




Freya Harrison talks about our pig lung model for studying respiratory infections in this article and video made by the Microbiology Society. You can view the paper this was based on here.


In March, the Microbiology Society issued a press release at their annual general meeting about a talk we were giving about how a 10th Century recipe from Bald's Leechbook could kill Staphylococcus aureus. The worldwide response was quite amazing and here a just a few media links:


RadioLab's very entertaining show about the project

The University of Nottingham

BBC News

The Washington Post

The Daily Telegraph


USA Today


Science Viking

Guardian Science


Dermatology Times

National Geographic

The Guardian (Bioprospecting the past)

BBC Health (5 old remedies still helping us today)




BBC Radio 4 Frontiers special program on Quorum sensing [link]




Quorum sensing and cheating in bacterial biofilms [link]

Nature Research Highlights


The Microbial Olympics (in Nature reviews Microbiology) [link]

Lab Times, Wired, James Gurney on YouTube


Density-dependent fitness benefits of quorum sensing [link]

University of Nottingham press release, Science Daily, F1000


Some of our work has been highlighted in the revised version of the textbook 'An Introduction to Behavioural Ecology' in the chapter 'Communication and Signals'.




New Scientist article on 'cheatobiotics' - using bacterial cheats to treat infection.




Quorum sensing cheating in Staphylococcus aureus

University of Nottingham press release, World Science Magazine, Interview




Quorum sensing and the social evolution of bacterial virulence [link]

Nature News,, This Week in Evolution, Scientific American, Science.


'Red Death' in Pseudomonas aeruginosa [link]

Science Daily.




Steve's appearance on BBC Radio 4's Material World talking about quorum sensing.




Cooperation and conflict in quorum sensing bacterial populations [link]

Not exactly rocket science